6 de jan de 2009

Big Foot Chester

Banda de blues da década de 90,que um brother comentou comigo e a Márcia do blog contra-mão me fez o favor de disponibilizar...o som é blues nervoso...vale a pena conferir!!!

Walter Daniels: harmonica
Stefanie Friedman: drums
Bill Anderson: guitar
Davy Jones: guitar
Angele Stavron: guitar

Devil In Me

1. Harpoon Man
2. Who'll Be Next?
3. Obviously 5 Believers
4. Monkey Dog
5. Night Driver
6. Bad Reruns
7. Keep It To Yourself
8. Don't Worry 'Bout Me
9. That's the Bag I'm In
10. It Don't Take Too Much
11. That Man is Bad News
12. I've Got a Devil In Me
13. Hellbound Train
14. Don't Look At the Hanged Man



1. Mad Mad World
2. Commit a Crime
3. Keep Your Hands Off Her
4. Ugly Breakfast
5. My Sweet Love (Ain't Around), (Since)
6. My Biggest Mistake
7. Midnight Blues
8. Hollywood Babylon
9. Split Personality
10. Bad Hangover
11. Railroad Bill
12. Creeper, The
13. Don't Let Nobody Turn You 'Round / I Remember


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